1. How do I compost a Best for Planet mailer?
2. Are your mailers certified and what are they made from?
3. How long will it take for my mailer to break down?
4. What happens if the mailer isn’t composted and ends up in landfill?
5. Do they have a shelf life?
6. Can I compost the adhesive strips?
7. How does the functionality of Best for Planet mailers compare to typical plastic mailers?
8. How does the size of Best for Planet mailers compare to Australia Post’s mailers?
9. How are the mailers used?
10. Do you ship internationally?
11. How do I get my customers composting?
12. Can I customise my mailers?
13. How do I make a return?
14. What payment methods do you accept?
15. When do you ship? *Same day dispatch!*