From Corn to Compost 


Earth-friendly shipping mailers that don’t cost the earth

When it comes to making changes in your business that are for the good of our planet, it can be hard to decide where to start. One of the easiest things you can do to have an instant impact is to replace plastic mailing satchels with certified home compostable mailers. You’ll significantly reduce the amount of plastic you’re sending out into the world – and you’ll be empowering your community to look after our Earth too.  

You might be curious about what our compostable mailers are made from, and how they work? Let’s take a closer look!  

From corn to compost

Our shipping mailers are made from compostable ingredients that break down in a home or commercial compost system. They don’t leave any residues or toxins behind. All of our products meet the highest Australian Standards and are fully certified by the Australasian Bioplastics Association for both home and industrial composting.  

So what’s in the bag? Our mailers are made from PLA (Polylactic acid), which is a sustainable bioplastic made from corn. The corn kernels are ground down and the corn starch is separated, processed and fermented. The fermentation produces lactic acid and the molecules become a polymer.  

PLA on its own can be quite brittle, so it is combined with another compostable polymer known as PBAT (Polybutylene adipate terephthalate). This is the mailer’s backbone, and it provides the flexibility and durability of the bag. PBAT is derived from oil, so this means our shipping mailers aren’t made from 100% renewable sources yet. But they are a much better option compared to conventional plastic bags, because they break down without leaving micro-residues, don’t contain toxic substances and are fully certified as both home and industrially compostable (AS 5810-2010 & AS4736-2006). 

The only part of the mailer that isn’t compostable is the white adhesive protection strip at the top of the bag - So you just need to pull it off before putting the mailer in the compost. These adhesive strips can be recycled by putting them in your nearest soft plastics REDcycle collection bin. You’ll find most supermarkets participate in the REDcycle program.  

While we consider our shipping mailers to be the most environmentally responsible alternative to plastic on the market right now, we’re always looking for ways to lower our carbon footprint. So, we’re keeping a close eye on improvements to compostable bioplastics, as doing the Best for Planet is at the heart of our mission! 

 From corn to ground corn to PLA 

Tried and tested, and kinder to our earth

Our certified home compostable mailers will break down in a home composting system in around six months. You simply cut them up and put them in a compost bay, compost bin, worm farm or any other type of home compost. The microorganisms in the compost will naturally break the bag down. The length of time it takes depends on the composting method, but breakdown will be quicker in well-managed hot composts and worm farms. When ready, this compost can be put into the garden. Simple as that!  

The beauty of our earth-friendly postage bags is that it’s a complete cycle – from corn, to mailer, to compost, to soil, to growing more plants (and food). This is what we call a regenerative system.  

With governments supporting an Australian national packaging target of 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging by 2025, switching from plastic mailers is a smart move to make now. 

But what if your customers don’t have a compost? We encourage them to start! But we get that it’s not for everyone. If your customers don’t have a home compost system, they can check with their local Council to see if certified compostable mailers can be put in their kerbside green waste or food and garden organics bin for industrial composting. Many Councils now accept them. Another great option is ShareWaste. Through this website and app, people can connect and give their compostable material to others in their local area who will use it to make compost. Alternatively, they can take them to an Australian-based industrial composter 

 Certified Mailer 

We’re changing the planet, one package at a time

When you choose Best for Planet’s shipping mailers, you’re joining a community that is changing the planet, one package at a time.  

We’re a proud business member of 1% for the Planet, which means that a minimum of 1% of every purchase goes towards supporting on the ground environmental action through our chosen Australian environmental non-profit organisations.  

We’ve also recently joined the Groundswell Giving circle, pledging $1000 a year. Groundswell pools its membership funds and grants 100% of it to environmental advocacy. The grants are allocated four times a year to different people and organisations fighting for climate action within Australia.  

 1% for the Planet Member 

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